Experts in wind energy

Aeroblade is a company with deep aeronautical roots. Its technical and management team has been present in the wind energy field since the first steps of the industry.
After a period of a quarter of century designing and manufacturing composite and metallic structures including wind blades, Aeroblade is consolidated today as a reference engineering company providing services and technological solutions for the most important players in the wind energy sector.


  • Knowledge: 22 years of experience in the wind sector
  • Strong leadership
  • Former blade designer and manufacturer
  • Aeronautical technology
  • International experience
  • Confidentiality as a basis
Aeroblade adapts itself to customers’ needs and is able to configure these services in different modalities.
Additionally, Aeroblade develops activities in other industries such as aeronautics, naval, rail or automotive, always considering the potential benefits of cross-feeding between different technologies.